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Privacy Notice: Sharing Your Personal Data

The identity of any third parties with whom we may share your personal data is set out in each specific circumstance of data collection detailed above/in the previous web pages.

The OPCC may also share your data with some or all of the following (but only where necessary):

  • Other public sector bodies the OPCC works with, for example, Warwickshire Police or Warwickshire County Council.
  • OPCC agents, suppliers and contractors. For example, the OPCC may ask a commercial provider to publish or distribute newsletters on the OPCC’s behalf or to maintain database software.
  • On occasion, local authorities or not for profit bodies with which the OPCC is carrying out joint ventures, e.g. in relation to facilities or events for the community.

These third parties have an obligation to put in place appropriate security measures and will be responsible to you directly for the manner in which they process and protect personal data.