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Privacy Notice: The Personal information we hold, how we collect it and the purposes for which we use it

Personal data, or personal information, means any information about an individual from which that person can be identified (for example, your name or email address) and information which could indirectly identify an individual, meaning that it could identify the individual when combined with other information which we hold about that person (for example, gender or date of birth).  It does not include data where the identity has been removed (anonymous data).

Personal information is held in order to assist the OPCC in carrying out its role in support of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) core statutory functions as follows:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Holding the Chief Constable to account, including complaint handling.
  • Partnership working, including local criminal justice partners.
  • Appointment of OPCC statutory officers.
  • Appointment, suspension and removal of Chief Constable.
  • Information and engagement.

The OPCC collects different types of information from individuals depending upon the reason for their interaction with us and/or the reason why we have collected the data.  We have grouped the main reasons why we collect data into the categories below.  Each section which explains our reasons and method of collection in more detail.

  • Personal data obtained from general correspondence from members of the public and handling complaints against the police force, the Chief Constable or the OPCC.
  • Personal data obtained during the evaluation and award of PCC grants and/ or commissioned services.
  • Personal data obtained from the police force and other third parties as a result of the OPCC’s involvement in joint committees and forums to ensure that local priorities are lined up.
  • Personal data obtained as a result of handling subject access requests or requests for information under Freedom of Information Act 2000.
  • Personal data obtained when individual signs up to receive the OPCC’s newsletter or other e-mail newsletters for which we receive data.
  • Personal data obtained when individuals use our website or other websites we control.
  • Personal data obtained when we take photographs or videos at events.
  • Personal data obtained when we carry our public consultations.
  • Personal data obtained when visiting the office.
  • Recruitment of volunteers, OPCC staff and the Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police.