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Police and Crime Commissioner election
Philip Seccombe has been re-elected for a third term of office as Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire.

The Police & Crime Plan for Warwickshire

Priority 1: Fight Crime and Reduce Reoffending Find out more >
Priority 2: Deliver Visible and Effective Policing Find out more >
Priority 3: Keep People Safe and Reduce Harm Find out more >
Priority 4: Strengthen Communities Find out more >
Priority 5: Deliver Better Justice For All Find out more >

Introducing the Commissioner

Philip Seccombe

Philip Seccombe was re-elected for a third term as Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire in May 2024.

His key priorities are to:

He funds a wide range of initiatives designed to improve community safety, reduce crime, rehabilitate offenders and help people to improve their security.

The Commissioner’s role is also to hold the Chief Constable to account, and listen to the views of the public on policing matters.  To contact Philip or give your views on crime and community safety issues, please get in touch through our Contact Us section.

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