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Key Information

The Commissioner is committed to being open and transparent and making available information to the public to enable them to hold them to account during their term of office. This section of the website contains a range of key information about the Commissioner’s work and how it is conducted. For example, financial and budget reports, through to Freedom of Information Act disclosures. Please use the links on the left to navigate the specific sections.

CoPaCC Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2021The Commissioner is legally obliged to provide some of the information, but all of it is published in the interests of openness and transparency so that local communities can be confident in the Commissioner’s work and how it is being done on their behalf.

The main statutory responsibilities placed upon the PCC in relation to the publishing of information derive from the following legislation:

The PCC also follows good practice by publishing information as recommended by central government to local authorities on data transparency and 2013 Home Office guidance on the information PCCs should routinely publish.  For 6 years until 2021, the OPCC was a recipient of the CoPACC Quality Mark, which measured OPCC transparency.

You can find a list of all our regularly published information on our Publication Scheme pages. Data relating to the Commissioner such as expenses or the code of conduct is published in the Your PCC section of the website.