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Decision Making

The Commissioner is required  to publish a record of all significant decisions made while carrying out his role and responsibilities under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.

With the exception of exempt decisions, a copy of all the decision making applications, together with a record of the decision made, will be published on this page.  This will enable members of the public and the Police and Crime Panel members to have access to the decision making function of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Our full process for how decisions are made can be found here:

Key decisions affecting the alliance between Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are recorded separately as part of the Alliance Governance Group minutes.

Decisions log

Ref – Title Date finalised
WPCC20001 – Appointment of Chief Finance Officer  June 2016
WPCC20002 – Not for publication – Exempt under S.31(1)(a) (the prevention and detection of crime) of the Freedom of Information Act  May 2016
WPCC20003 – Review of the 2016-17 Treasury Management Strategy  June 2016
WPCC20004 – Not for publication – Exempt from disclosure under S.43 (commercial interests)  May 2016
WPCC20005 – Not for publication – Exempt from disclosure under S.40(2) (personal information)  July 2016
WPCC20006 – Reappointment of Trust, Integrity and Ethics Committee Members for two years  September 2016
WPCC20007 – National Police Chaplaincy  August 2016
WPCC20008 – Not for Publication – Exempt from disclosure under S.43 (commercial interests)  August 2016
WPCC20009 – Not for Publication – Exempt from disclosure under S.40(2) (personal information)  August 2016
WPCC20010 – Not for Publication – Exempt from disclosure under S.40(2) (personal information) August 2016
WPCC20011 – Licence for Occupation of Car Park at Stratford Police Station September 2016
WPCC20012 – Decision Making Process July 2016
WPCC20013 – Appointment of an additional Policy and Research Officer November 2016
WPCC20014 – Exempt from Publication Under S.43 Commercial Interests October 2016
WPCC20015 – Automatic Number Plate Recognition Approval September 2016
WPCC20016 – Not for Publication – Exempt from disclosure under S.40(2) (personal information) October 2016
WPCC20017 – Not for Publication – Exempt from disclosure under S.43 (commercial interests) January 2017
WPCC20018 – Proposed Precept for 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 February 2017
WPCC20019 – Setting the 2017 18 Precept February 2017
WPCC20020 – Not for Publication – Exempt from disclosure under S.31(1)(a)(the prevention and detection of crime) February 2017
WPCC20021 – Not for Publication – Exempt from Disclosure under S.40(2) (personal information) April 2017
WPCC20022 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20023 – Nabis Regional Collaboration Agreement March 2017
WPCC20024 – OPCC Website Development May 2017
WPCC20025 – Contribution to Rural Crime Network June 2017
WPCC20026 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20027 – New BT Wayleave Agreement – Illmington Police Mast July 2017
WPCC20028 – MOU for the establishment of a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub September 2017
WPCC20029 – Letter of Variation – Strategic Alliance Agreement October 2017
WPCC20030 – Exempt from disclosure under S.43 (commercial interests) December 2017
WPCC20031 – National Units Section 22A Collaboration Agreement March 2018
WPCC20032 – Release of Restrictive Covenants – Tanworth in Arden Police House January 2018
WPCC20033 – Annual Allowance Tax Charges Mandatory and Voluntary Scheme Pays January 2018
WPCC20034 – Proposed Precept for 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 + MTFP Report + Precept Consultation 2017-18 Report February 2018
WPCC20035 – Precept for 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 + Budget 2018/19 and Medium Term Financial Report + Letter from PCC to Police and Crime Panel February 2018
WPCC20036 – Vetting Capability Decision Notice from AGG Ref PCC D 2018 04 February 2018
WPCC20037 – Extension of Victim Support Contract February 2018
WPCC20038 – Extra Funding for Completion of Additional Refurbishment Works and Occupation of Stuart Ross House February 2018
WPCC20039 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20040 – Appointment of Marketing Agents for Leek Wootton February 2019
WPCC20041 – Exempt from Disclosure under Section S.40(2) Personal Information March 2018
WPCC20042 – New Occupational Leases – Leamington Spa and Nuneaton Justice Centres March 2018
WPCC20043 – Decision Notice – Treasury Management Strategy 2018-18Treasury Management Strategy 2018-19 March 2018
WPCC20044 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20045 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20046 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20047 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20048 – Highways England technology investment in the OCC September 2018
WPCC20049 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20050 – New Occupational Licences – Leamington Spa and Nuneaton Justice Centres June 2018
WPCC20051 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20052 – Upgrade to Regional Motorway ANPR Infrastructure July 2018
WPCC20053 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20054 – Commissioning Consultants September 2018
WPCC20055 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20056 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20057 -Commissioning Services September 2018
WPCC20058 – Reserves Strategy 2018-19 + Reserves Strategy 2018-19 to 2020-21 September 2018
WPCC20059 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20060 – WPCC20060 – Exempt from Publication under S.43 Commercial Interests  April 2019
WPCC20061 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20062 – Awaiting finalisation
WPCC20063 – Proposed Precept for 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 + Draft Budget Report 2019/20 and Medium Term Financial Plan + Precept Consultation 2019-20 Report February 2019
WPCC20064 – Precept Decision for 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 +Appendix A) Letter from Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel + Appendix B) Final 2019-20 Warwickshire Budget report + Appendix C) Response letter from PCC to PCP February 2019
WPCC20067 – Reserves Strategy 2019-20 + Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Reserves Strategy 2019/20 – 2021/22   April 2019

Decisions made prior to Philip Seccombe’s election in May 2016 are published on our archive site.  Visit the archive.

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