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Decisions Log – 2021 (to May 12)

This contains decisions finalised during the Commissioner’s first term of office, up to May 12, 2016.  Decisions made after this time in 2021 are published on the main PCC Decisions page or subsequent yearly sub-pages.

Ref – Title Date finalised
WPCC20119 – Exempt from Publication under S.43 (Commercial Interests) March 2021
WPCC20160 – Recruitment of the OPCC Chief Executive Officer

Report to the Police and Crime Panel on the Appointment of Chief Executive

Confirmation of Appointment Letter from the Police and Crime Panel

March 2021
WPCC20162 – Exempt from Disclosure under S.42 and S.43 of the FoI Act 2000 January 2021
WPCC20163 – 2021-22 Precept proposal

February 2021
WPCC20164-Setting the 21-22 Precept

February 2021
WPCC20165 – 2021/22 Reserves Strategy

March 2021
WPCC20166 – Capital Strategy

March 2021
WPCC20167 – 2021-22 Treasury Management Strategy

March 2021
WPCC20168 – Corporate Governance Framework 21-22

March 2021
WPCC20169 – Exempt from Publication under S.43 (Commercial Interests) March 2021
WPCC20171 – PCC Grants Scheme 2021-2022

March 2021
WPCC20172 – Exempt from Publication under S.31(1)(a)(the prevention and detection of crime) March 2021
WPCC20173 – 2021-22 Road Safety Grants Decision Notice (First Car and SW Riders) March 2021
WPCC2 0174 – Joint commissioning-funding of DVA support services

March 2021
WPCC20176 – Leek Wootton Data Room – Air Conditioning

March 2021
WPCC20179 – Exempt from publication under s41 (Confidentiality), s42 (Legal Professional Privilege) and s43 (Commercial Interests) Freedom of Information Act 2000 March 2021
WPCC20180- MOJ DA/SAV Uplift Funding March 2021
WPCC20181 – West Mercia Hosted Services s22a March 2021
WPCC20182 – Exempt from publication under S43 (Commercial Interests) Freedom of Information Act 2000 May 2021
WPCC20184 – Exempt from publication under S31(1)(1) the Prevention and Detection of Crime April 2021