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Chief Constable Remuneration

Martin Jelley is the current Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police.  He was appointed by the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner and took up the post on April 1, 2015 on fixed-term five year contract, which was subsequently extended by two years.  Mr Jelley has announced his intention to retire in June 2021 and a process to appoint his successor is currently under way.


The Chief Constable’s starting salary is £132,657 per annum.  The salary will increase in line with national police pay settlements.

All Chief Constable’s salaries are set nationally and are dependent on the size of the force. Warwickshire is among the five smallest forces in England and Wales and the salary is weighted accordingly.

Police and Crime Commissioners have discretion to vary the salary of the Chief Constable by up to 10%.  In Warwickshire the decision was taken not to apply any increase and to therefore leave the salary at the nationally set figure.

Terms and Conditions of Employment

On appointment on April 1, 2015, the Chief Constable’s terms and conditions of employment were as follows:

Following a review to harmonise terms and conditions of Chief  Officers across the Alliance with West Mercia Police, the following revisions were subsequently made:

  • Two-yearly health screening will be available.
  • All professional subscriptions and indemnity insurance reasonably required for the post to be paid by the Commissioner, e.g. Chief Police Officers’ Staff Association (CPSOA) or National Police Chiefs Council.  The Chief Officer will reimburse the the cost of the proactive element of the CPOSA insurance, which will be invoiced by the force to the individual.
  • A role-equipped vehicle will be provided in accordance with the Chief Officer Vehicle Scheme.
  • Home to duty mileage will be regarded as a private journey, unless required to travel on a rest day, annual leave or called in to work.
  • All private mileage will be reimbursed to the force.
  • In the case of an absence overnight, accommodation may be booked.  Meals may be claimed either from the menu of the accommodation venue or taken elsewhere subject to a limit of £10 for breakfast, £10 for lunch and £25 for an evening meal.
  • No expenditure for alcohol may be claimed.

These changes came into effect on 1 December 2015 and all other terms and conditions remained the same.

Expenses and allowances

Expenses claimed by the Chief Constable in line with the terms and conditions above are published by Warwickshire Police.

A full summary of the salary and other emoluments paid to the Chief Constable, alongside other senior officers and staff of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, are published yearly in the Statement of Accounts within the section ‘Senior Officer and Relevant Police Officer Emoluments’.  Visit our Financial Information page for more details.

In 2015/16  Chief Constable Jelly received relocation expenses of £14,721.

Prior to 2015

Andy Parker was Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police from  to 

The terms and conditions during Mr Parker’s period as Chief Constable were as follows:

Please note that prior to November 2012 and the creation of Police and Crime Commissioners, the responsibility for appointing the Chief Constable and setting terms and conditions of employment lay with Warwickshire Police Authority.

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