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Chief Constable

The Commissioner is also responsible for the appointment or, if necessary, dismissal of the Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police.  The current Chief Constable, Debbie Tedds, was appointed by the Commissioner in July 2021, on a fixed term 5 year contract.  You can read more about Debbie here.

Her responsibilities are as follows:

  • Provide the direction and control of Warwickshire Police in order to provide Warwickshire with an effective and efficient police service;
  • To ensure delivery of the objectives set out in the Warwickshire Police and Crime Plan, the ultimate aim being to protect people who live, work and travel through Warwickshire from harm;
  • Utilise the resources available to deliver the greatest level of protection for the public and focus policing activity in areas of high demand.
  • To fulfil all of the other statutory and legal obligations of the office of Chief Constable.


The Chief Constable’s starting salary is £146,469 per annum.  The salary increases in line with national police pay settlements.  All Chief Constable’s salaries are set nationally and are dependent on the size of the force. Warwickshire is among the five smallest forces in England and Wales and the salary is weighted accordingly.

Terms and Conditions of Employment

The main terms and conditions of employment are as follows:

  1. The officer appointed will be required to carry out all the duties applicable to the post of Chief Constable of Warwickshire and be accountable to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire.
  2. The appointment will be subject to the Job Description (which will form part of the contract), and will be subject to the Police Acts and Regulations (including those relating to pensions) and such other statutory provisions.
  3. The Chief Constable will be required to devote the whole of their time to the duties of the office.
  4. The officer will work across Warwickshire but be based at Police Headquarters, Leek Wootton.
  5. The appointment will be subject to a fixed term of five years and will commence on 1 July 2021. Any further extension of appointment will be subject to the prevailing regulations.
  6. The appointment will include regular performance / development appraisal by the Commissioner. A programme of professional development will be agreed by the Commissioner, informed by the outcomes of development appraisal and in the light of emerging developments in the nature of policing.
  7. The primary focus of the post holder is to lead Warwickshire Police and oversee its development. NPCC and other representational work may be undertaken with the agreement of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
  8. The salary, payable monthly, is £146,469 per annum, subject to a 10% variation at the discretion of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The salary will be increased in line with national pay settlements.
  9. The Chief Constable will be provided with a role-equipped vehicle available for official and private use and they will repay the cost of their private mileage. The principles of use are contained in the Commissioner’s current vehicle scheme.
  10. The Chief Constable will be entitled to standard class rail travel for official business journeys within the United Kingdom. In appropriate circumstances, the Chief Constable will be entitled to first class rail travel on occasions where work is planned to be undertaken during the rail journey and the use of standard class rail travel will not facilitate this. Subsistence and overnight accommodation will be provided in line with terms and conditions.
  11. The Chief Constable will be entitled to economy class air travel when undertaking international duties and the Commissioner will undertake to provide insurance cover for overseas journeys.
  12. In the event of specific travel and/or subsistence arrangements not being sufficiently covered by points 10 and 11 above, the Chief Constable will discuss the issues involved with the Chief Executive.
  13. A uniform will be provided.
  14. The Commissioner shall pay for all professional subscriptions and indemnity insurance reasonably required for the post.
  15. The appointment is terminable by the Commissioner, or the Chief Constable, giving six months’ notice in writing or such shorter notice as may be agreed by the parties.
  16. Where allowances and expenses are payable within the Commissioner’s discretion (as opposed to those prescribed by the Regulations) the Commissioner reserves the right to review, vary or withdraw those allowances and expenses on reasonable notice.
  17. Two-yearly health-screening will be available.
  18. A housing allowance or transitional housing allowance will be paid, if appropriate, in accordance with the Police Regulations. A relocation package in accordance with the Police Regulations and the Commissioner’s published policy is available.
  19. Entitlements to annual leave and sick pay are set out in the relevant Home Office Determinations made from time to time.

Expenses and allowances

Expenses claimed by the Chief Constable in line with the terms and conditions above are published by Warwickshire Police.  Please use the search facilities within the force’s Publication Scheme to find the quarterly statements.

A full summary of the salary and other emoluments paid to the Chief Constable, alongside other senior officers and staff of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, are published yearly in the Statement of Accounts within the section ‘Senior Officer and Relevant Police Officer Emoluments’.  Visit our Financial Information page for more details.