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Expenses and Allowances

The Police and Crime Commissioner and the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (when employed) are entitled to allowances and expenses in respect of travel, subsistence and other exceptional expenses.

The amounts claimable are determined are as follows:

Type of Expense Key Restriction Rates
Train In course of business Reimbursed up to standard class rates
Mileage allowances Only if necessary As per HMRC rates
Taxis Only where public transport not available Cost of taxi
Foreign travel Prior authority from Chief Executive and for business purposes Economy class for flights
Hotel accommodation Business purposes and agreed in advance. Value for money and best use of public funds – lower priced suitable accommodation. No explicit limitation on star standard of hotel accommodation.
Subsistence (UK and Foreign) Only paid for evening meals and, where applicable, breakfast (not lunch) Breakfast – £10 Dinner – £30
Exceptional expenses not falling within any of the other types Reasonable incurred in carrying out business of the Commissioner As approved by the Chief Executive

The purpose of authorised allowances is to reimburse expenses incurred by Police and Crime Commissioners in carrying out their duties, not to provide a general gratuity for undertaking the role.  Commissioners are paid a salary determined by the Secretary of State on the advice of the Senior Salaries Review Board.

Claims for subsistence must be submitted on an expenses claim form or online portal approved by the Chief Executive and details are published as part of the registers below.  Registers are updated quarterly.


Philip Seccombe – Police and Crime Commissioner


Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (started 8 May 2022)


Polly Reed – Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer (started 1st January 2021)


Sara Ansell – Chief Finance Officer


  • No expenses claimed

Chief Constable

Expenses claims for Chief Constable are published by Warwickshire Police.