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Polly Reed – Register of Interests

Updated: January 2023

About you

Your name:  Polly Reed

Your role: Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer

Is your role politically restricted?  Yes

Are you part of any contracting or grants-making exercise as part of your role?  Yes

Are you a councillor or a member of another public body?  (If yes, please detail): No

Your interests

Do you have any other employment, office, trade, profession or vocation? If yes, please provide details: No

Are you a member of an external organisation (such as a governing body, parish council or voluntary organisation) that could have dealings with or apply for funding from the PCC?: No

Are you personally, or a close family member, involved with any business which may tender for a contract being let by either the PCC or Warwickshire Police? Please provide details: No

Do you have an interest in any land which the PCC owns of leases (eg. leases to you or to an organisation you are involved in)? Please provide details:  No

Are you a shareholder in any company related to your role? This includes if you do this in the capacity of your role.  Please provide details: No

Do you have any other interests that you would like to tell us about?:  APACCE (Association of Policing and Crime Chief Executives) Secretary


I declare that the information I have provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief, that I have provided all information that ought to have been provided and that none of the details set out are materially false or misleading.  I recognise that a failure to declare an interest or the provision of false or misleading information may result in disciplinary action.

By completing this survey, I understand that this information is required in connection with the Commissioner’s obligations to ensure that his actions are open and accountable and stand up to scrutiny.  I consent to it being held for these purposes.


Signed:  Polly Reed