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WPCC3-0085 WCC-OPCC Community Safety Collaboration  

Decision Reference Number: WPCC3-0085

Lead Officer: Richard Long, OPCC Head of Policy and Partnerships

Chief Officer approval: N/A

Date: 07/03/2023

Status: Non-confidential

Decision summary:

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has agreed to enter into a partnership arrangement with Warwickshire County Council (WCC) for a 3-year period (2022-25)  in which he will provide funding towards the cost of a number of community safety-related posts that will hosted by WCC but work on behalf of the PCC, WCC, and the wider partnership in Warwickshire, to carry of activity to achieve shared community safety priorities.

This decision will be taken by Polly Reed, OPCC Chief Executive in accordance with the protocol in respect of working with Warwickshire County Council.

Signature:  Polly Reed

Date: 27/03/23

Supporting information

1. Background information

The PCC and WCC have agreed to enter into a collaboration in relation to the coordination of activity on shared Community Safety and Crime Prevention priorities.

A Collaboration Agreement (see Appendix ‘A’) covers arrangements between the OPCC and WCC till the end of the duration of the PCC’s current Police and Crime Plan (31st March 2025).

Details of the arrangements, including each Party’s duties and responsibilities, are set out in this Collaboration Agreement to ensure the successful operation of the Collaboration between the OPCC and WCC.

2. List of additional information attached as appendices

OPCC-WCC Collaboration Agreement 2022-25 FINAL (Appendix ‘A’)

3. Expected benefits

The funding provided by the PCC towards the costs of the posts set out in the Collaboration Agreement will create additional partnership capacity and capability that will positively support the achievement of shared community safety priorities.

4. Impact of not approving the application

Reduced capacity and capability to successfully achieve shared community safety priorities.

5. Costs (including any identified savings)

Schedule 1 of the Collaboration Agreement sets out the relevant maximum funding to be awarded by the PCC to WCC in each of the three financial years (2022/23, 2023/24 and 2024/25), subject to a claim in arrears based on actual spend by WCC.

At the time of writing, the maximum award amounts have been set as follows:

2022/23:         £198,142.13

2023/24:         £170,089.04

2024/25:         £170,089.04

Under the terms of the Collaboration Agreement the PCC can agree to increase the award in a given year, for example, to reflect increases in staff pay.

6. Equality considerations

None apparent.

7. Legal comments

The Collaboration Agreement has been drawn up by the PCC’s commissioned Legal Services provider.

8. Social or Environmental considerations

None apparent.

9. Publication

Information in this form is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act) and other legislation.  Unless the information provided is covered by an exemption and stated to be either confidential or partly confidential, the information contained in the form will be published on the OPCC website.

Comments from the Treasurer

The anticipated costs of the arrangement are outlined within this decision notice.  The costs have been built into the annual budget and across the medium term financial plan.  Any future variations will be considered by the PCC and will only be agreed if financing can be identified.  Such a collaborative approach should provide assurance regarding future funding to enable more effective planning and service delivery over the medium term.

Comments from the Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer

This agreement supports the relationship with Warwickshire County Council in respect of the agreed Community Safety Programme.