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WPCC30020 – 2021/2022 Road Safety Grants – Warwickshire Police allocations

Decision Title:  2021/2022 Road Safety Grants – Warwickshire Police allocations

Decision Reference: WPCC30020

Lead Officer: Chris Lewis/Sara Ansell

Date: 16th August, 2021

Status:  Non-Confidential

Decision Summary:

To allocate additional funding as detailed within this decision notice to Warwickshire police for the projects and purposes outlined to improve road safety across Warwickshire.  The allocations will cover costs for work completed between the 1st April 2021 to the 31st March 2022.

This decision is made in pursuance of The PCC’s Police and Crime Plan and the strategic priority of ‘Protecting People from Harm’ by working in partnership and reducing death and serious injury on Warwickshire Roads.

I confirm that I do not have any disclosable pecuniary interests in this decision and that the decision in compliance with the Code of Conduct.  Any interests are indicated below.

Signature: Philip Seccombe

Date 20th October 2021

Supporting information

1.    Background Information:

The PCC is supportive of work undertaken by Warwickshire police to improve road safety in Warwickshire.  He holds a specific earmarked reserve which can be used to finance projects and work which will achieve this.  Additional funding for the following projects is being made available in 2021/22 as follows:

  • To provide funding for 12 months for an additional Road Safety Officer at a cost of £60,043
  • To provide 12 months of funding for a second Traffic Management Advisor at a cost of £36,700.
  • To provide funding for the Bike Safe and biker down projects which help to improve drive standards, and the how to deal better if a collision occurs. The costs of such work are anticipated to be £10,000.
  • To provide funding for a ‘data tag stolen vehicle’ examination course process at a cost of £5,373.
  • To allocate funding to fulfil a previous commitment for 3 years of funding for a dedicated road safety communications officer, to educate and improve road safety messaging across the county, at a cost of £50,395.
  • To provide funding for a 4 way camera for police bikes at a cost of £3,395.
  • To provide additional funding to support additional bike safe work by the Warwickshire road safety policing team at a cost of £3,000.
  • To provide additional funding for enhancing the community speed watch programme in Warwickshire at a cost of £10,000.

The total amount of funding approved is £178,906

2. Detail of additional information attached

Not applicable

3. Expected Benefits

The purpose of awarding this additional funding for Warwickshire police is in support of reducing death and serious injury on Warwickshire roads.

4. Impact of not approving the application

Not pursuing and achieving the PCC goal of establishing sustainable safer roads in Warwickshire and therefore not experiencing less casualties on Warwickshire roads.

5. Costs (including any identified savings)

All the costs are outlined earlier in this decision notice and will be financed from within the Road safety reserve.  The total reserve draw down approved in this decision notice is upto £178,906 from the safer roads reserve.

6. Equality Implications

None apparent

7. Legal Implications

The funding will be used to meet the costs of the outlined projects in this decision notice in 2021/22.

8. Publication

Information in this form is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act) and other legislation.  Unless the information provided is covered by an exemption, the information contained in the form will be published on the Warwickshire PCC website.

Comments from the Treasurer

The costs will be financed from the earmarked reserve for road safety initiatives, which is ring fenced specifically for projects which will help to improve road safety across Warwickshire.

Comments from the Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer

Road Safety is one of the key priorities articulated by the Police and Crime Commissioner in his plan. These projects have been evaluated to provide support to this aim, using the road safety reserve that is specifically available for this.