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WPCC30016 – Kenilworth Lease Renewal

Decision Title:  Kenilworth Lease Renewal

Decision Reference: WPCC3 0016

Lead Officer:  Helen Minett, Estates, Facilities & Health & Safety Manager

Date:  09/08/21

Status:  Non-Confidential

Decision Summary

This application is for the renewal of the lease for Kenilworth SNO, Jubilee House, Smalley Place, Kenilworth, CV8 1QG.

I confirm that I do not have any disclosable pecuniary interests in this decision and that the decision in compliance with the Code of Conduct.  Any interests are indicated below.

Signature: Philip Seccombe

Date 9 September 2021

1. Background Information

The current lease is coming to an end.  Discussions have taken place with the Landlord (Warwick District Council) to extend the lease.

The current costs are:

  • Rent – £5,390 pa
  • Service Charge – £7,600 pa
  • Rates – £1,300 pa

The proposal is to renew the lease from 20th February 2021 for 5 years, with a tenant break after 3 years.

The new costs are:

  • Rent – £7,485 pa
  • Service Charge – £7,600 pa
  • Rates – £1,300 pa

The previous rent was agreed in April 2012 and 9 years on falls below the current market rates hence the increase.  This has been checked against rents per square metre for other properties in the area.

2. Detail of additional information attached

Not applicable

3. Expected Benefits

Warwickshire Police able to continue to use the premises in Kenilworth.

4. Impact of not approving the application

Warwickshire Police would need to find new premises which would incur significant capital costs to adapt space for their requirements including the provision of IT systems.

5. Costs (including any identified savings)


  • Rent – £7,485 pa
  • Service Charge – £7,600 pa
  • Rates – £1,300 pa
  • One off legal costs – £2,000

This will be funded from the Estates and FM revenue budget.

Capital: There are no capital costs.

6. Equality Implications

None identified

7. Legal Implications

None identified

8. Publication

Information in this form is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act) and other legislation.  Unless the information provided is covered by an exemption, the information contained in the form will be published on the Warwickshire PCC website.

Comments from the Treasurer

All costs are included within the budget and are reasonable.

Comments from the Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer

These premises are required for operational policing for the SNT based in Kenilworth. The costs are reasonable as per the benchmarking which has taken place.