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The Services We Offer

Information about the services that fall within the responsibility of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.


Leaflets and explanatory booklets

Leaflets and explanatory booklets published by the OPCC include the Police and Crime Plan, Victims’ and Witnesses’ Charter, annual council tax leaflet and annual reports.

These can be found on the Our Publications section of this website.

Media Releases

Our media releases are published on the website within our News and Media section.  We also publish information on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube social media feeds.

Services for which we recover a fee

The OPCC does not provide general services for which a fee is recoverable.

In accordance with its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act, a large amount of information is provided on this website by the OPCC.  There is no charge made by us for this information, although the user will have to meet any charges made by their internet service provider and/or telephone company as well as any personal costs for printing, photocopying etc.

For those without access to the internet, we will provide a single printout of an individual publication, as shown on the website.

For further information on charges which will apply in these circumstances, please see our Access to Information Policy.



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