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Our Publications

On this page you will find the Police and Crime Commissioner’s publications.

Police and Crime Plan

Police and Crime Plan coverThe Commissioner’s Warwickshire Police and Crime Plan 2016-2021 was first published in December 2016 and then modified in October 2019 to reflect the changed position with the ending of the alliance with West Mercia Police.

It is the document in which the PCC sets out his strategic objectives for policing and crime during his term of office.

Warwickshire Police and Crime Plan 2016-2021

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe has also produced a plan to outline the work he and his office are doing to support communities and Warwickshire Police during the Covid-19 emergency and beyond.

The plan outlines the work that is under way to mitigate the risks posed by Covid-19, to provide help and support to those that need it. It also sets out how the Commissioner will continue to support the Chief Constable while also holding him to account in delivering an efficient and effective policing service to communities during the crisis.

Covid-19 Supplement

Annual Report

Cover of the Annual Report2019/20The Commissioner has a statutory responsibility under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act to produce an Annual Report as part of the public holding the Commissioner to account.

As a minimum the Annual Report:

  • Describes how the Commissioner has carried out his legal duties.
  • Sets out what the Commissioner has achieved in the past 12 months and since taking office.
  • Reports on the progress that has been made in meeting the objectives set out in the Police and Crime Plan.

The Commissioner’s Annual Report was presented to Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Panel in September 2020. The annual report provides a strategic overview of the activity undertaken in support of the Police and Crime Plan during the year.

Annual Report 2019/20

Previous reports

Annual Report 2018/19

Annual Report 2017/18

Annual Report 2016/17

For details of earlier annual reports published by the Warwickshire OPCC, please visit our archives.

Precept (Council Tax) Leaflet

A summary of the police precept and budget for the year ahead is published in the Council Tax leaflet 2021-22.

Victims and Witnesses Charter

The Warwickshire Victims and Witnesses Charter sets out the standards and services communities should expect to receive from the police and criminal justice agencies in the county if they fall victim to or witness a crime.

It was launched in November 2017.

Warwickshire Victims and Witnesses Charter

Consultation and Engagement Strategy

This documented was published in June 2017 and revised in March 2018. The strategy sets out the PCC’s commitments for how he will consult and engage with communities and partners throughout his term of office.

Consultation and Engagement Strategy 2016-21

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Annual Statement 2021-22

The OPCC has a zero tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity and transparency in all business dealings.

Although we are not required to make a modern slavery statement under section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act.2015, we are making this voluntary statement to show our commitment to ethical trading principles and to set out the steps we are taking to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and in our supply chains.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Annual Statement 2021-22

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