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Message from the Commissioner

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe

Welcome to my new Police and Crime Plan for Warwickshire, in which I set out my key ambitions for policing, criminal justice and community safety over my second term of office.

The plan expands on the manifesto on which I stood for re-election and I am humbled by the support I received, with a much stronger voter turnout delivering an increased mandate for action. I will use the experience from my first term of office to enable further progress to be made over the life of this new and expanded plan.

In pulling together the five priorities of the plan, I have listened carefully to all the feedback received during my first term of office and in the many engagements I have had across the county. I ran an extensive public consultation to give everyone in Warwickshire the opportunity to highlight the issues that are most important in our communities. The priorities that have resulted are therefore designed to take into account what you have told me, ultimately delivering on the central ambition to reduce crime, support victims and make communities safer.

The associated areas of focus help refine these further, providing a clear direction for the efforts of the police, with realistic and achievable outcomes which I will hold the Chief Constable to account in delivering. However, there are many aspects of the plan which the police cannot resolve alone and it will also require the concerted effort and input from community safety partners and those in the wider criminal justice system. I will use my influence as Commissioner to bring agencies and partners together to achieve this.

By outlining what success looks like for each of the priorities, I am committed to being open and transparent about the progress that is being made and delivering clearer accountability. Ultimately, success can only be fully achieved if everyone plays their part, from the police, through to criminal justice agencies, the courts, local authorities and community safety partners, right down to the people living, working and studying in Warwickshire.

So let’s work together to ensure that we reduce crime, support victims and make communities safer for everyone’s benefit across Warwickshire.

Philip Seccombe TD

Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire