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Plan on a page

Diagram showing the Police and Crime Plan priorities - full details in page copy.


Communities across Warwickshire feel safe and supported, with crime investigated effectively, better outcomes achieved and re-offending reduced, leading to increased confidence in the criminal justice system.

To achieve this, my priorities are to:

1. Fight crime and reduce re-offending

Shared outcome:

Co-ordinated action disrupts and deters the most serious and harmful crimes and those which cause most concern to communities, with offenders brought to justice and less likely to reoffend.

Areas of focus:

Violent crime

County Lines and knife crime

Organised crime

Drugs, exploitation, fraud and cyber crime


Substance misuse, managing offenders

2. Deliver visible and effective policing

Shared outcome:

A visible police presence with strong welfare support deals effectively with local issues through innovative use of resources, delivering value for money for the taxpayer.

Areas of focus:

Extra officers

Including staff welfare and tackling officer assaults

Neighbourhood policing

Rural crime, burglary, vehicle crime and theft

Transforming the force

Better IT, buildings and fleet, including for the environment

3. Keep people safe and reduce harm

Shared outcome:

Women and girls are protected from violence, vulnerable people are safeguarded and there is a sustained reduction in the numbers of people killed and seriously injured on our roads.

Areas of focus:

Violence against women and girls

Including domestic abuse, sexual violence, stalking


Mental health, hate crime and homelessness

Road safety

Reducing death and injury

4. Strengthen communities

Shared outcome:

Communities are empowered to shape how policing and community services are developed and delivered, with strengthened partnership working building public confidence and resilience to crime.

Areas of focus:

Involving communities

Listening to people and using volunteers

Crime prevention

Supporting communities to deter criminal activity

Partnership working

Community safety and collaboration

5. Deliver better justice for all

Shared outcome:

Victims and witnesses have a better experience from the point of reporting crime to receiving an outcome, with clear pathways to tailored support services and improved confidence in the process.

Areas of focus:

Victims and witnesses

Victim and witness rights and securing specialist support

Improved Communication

Across policing and the criminal justice system

Justice outcomes

Better investigations and timelier results


Delivering value for money for the taxpayer through a good and balanced budget and efficient and effective services.