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Grants and Commissioned Services

This page provides information about schemes and initiatives which are funded by the Commissioner, either through grants or a service commissioned either solely by the OPCC or jointly with partners.  Find out more in the sections below.

Covid-19 Recovery Fund

Covid-19 Recovery Fun logoA Covid-19 Recovery Fund has been launched by Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe to help provide an additional cash boost to organisations working to improve community safety and help the most vulnerable.

It comes as many across the charitable and voluntary sector have been faced with a double hit of reduced or curtailed opportunities to raise money while also needing to fund technology to support home-working or to meet increased demand for their support.

Applications for bids for grants of up to £5,000 or donations of £1,000 were opened in June 2020 and more than £50,000 has now been awarded to a range of groups across Warwickshire.

Read the announcement of the funding awards

View a full list of grants and donations

Commissioner's Grants Scheme

The Commissioner’s Grants Scheme is an annual award which seeks to support initiatives which will make a positive contribution to the objectives of the Police and Crime Plan.  The funded projects address all address on or more of the plan’s key objectives to:

  • Put victims and survivors first;
  • Ensure efficient and effective policing;
  • Protect people from harm;
  • Prevent and reduce crime.

Schemes both large and small are benefiting from this year’s round of funding, with all applications fully evaluated and scored against strict criteria to determine their eligibility and suitability. All grants are subject to the same terms and conditions.

2020/21 Grants Scheme

A total of £1,055,814 is being distributed through the Commissioner’s Grants Scheme to projects, with funding confirmed more than a month earlier than usual in order to ensure financial support is readily in place for organisations supporting the most vulnerable through the current Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

All of the latest grants awards are for initiatives which support the ambitions of the Police and Crime Plan for Warwickshire, either enabling improved community safety, providing initiatives for children and young people or services for victims of crime, including people suffering domestic abuse and those exposed to fraud and cybercrime.

Read the full list of grants for 2020-21

Previously awarded grants

2019/20 Grants Scheme

Projects to keep communities safe, deter re-offending and divert young people away from anti-social behaviour are among the schemes in Warwickshire being given a £1 million boost from this year’s grants.

It is the third year that the Commissioner has made funding available to county organisations through his grants scheme and this year sees a number of new projects receiving funding alongside some which are receiving repeat awards. In total £1,035,913 is being awarded in grants or smaller donations.

To see a full list of organisations receiving funding, please click the link below:

Commissioner’s Grants Scheme 2019-20

2018/19 Grants

Projects tackling domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual offences and programmes providing positive diversionary activities for young people are among the county initiatives being given a £2.3 million boost by Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Philip Seccombe during 2018/19.

The Commissioner’s Grants Scheme is an annual award which seeks to support initiatives which make a positive contribution to the objectives of Mr Seccombe’s Police and Crime Plan for Warwickshire.

When considered alongside the funding committed by the Commissioner for commissioned services (see below), it brings the total of funding provided to county projects and initiatives in 2018/19 to £2,345,318.

Awards have been made in the following categories:-

    • Address Sexual Abuse and/ or Child Sexual Exploitation;
    • Deliver positive diversionary activities to identified young people;
    • Deliver a countywide Domestic Abuse perpetrator intervention;
    • Deliver targeted drugs and alcohol interventions to those at higher risk:-
      • within the Criminal Justice services;
      • by raising young people’s awareness of the consequences of substance misuse and reducing the risk of them entering the Criminal Justice system.

There is also a fund for smaller community projects.

PCC Awarded grants 2018-19

2017/2018 Grants

In 2017/18 grants were awarded by the Police and Crime Commissioner to enable organisations across the county to deliver projects which will deliver  “A safer, more secure Warwickshire”.

Initiatives have been supported on both a county-wide and area-specific basis.  For  a full breakdown of the schemes awarded grant funding in 2017/18, see the document below (PDF – requires Adobe Reader):

Details of funding for grants in 2016/17 and prior to the current PCC’s terms of office can be found in our archives.

Road Safety Fund

Road Safety Fund logoWarwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Philip Seccombe has launched a £500,000 grant fund for initiatives tackling road safety, as part of his commitment to reduce the numbers of people killed and seriously injured on the county’s roads.

The grant scheme supports both established and new service providers.

The deadline for the first round of applications has now passed but a further round will be announced shortly.

Read more about the first group of supported projects.

COVID-19 funding for domestic abuse and sexual violence support services

Charities and other organisations supporting victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence will benefit from more than £218,000 in emergency funding, Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe has confirmed.

It follows a bidding process organised by the Commissioner’s office to allocate Warwickshire’s portion of national emergency funding made available by the Ministry of Justice.

The grants are to help meet the additional costs registered charities or social enterprise have incurred or will incur whilst adapting their services during the pandemic. It is also designed to meet the additional demand for help from victims which is expected to occur as lockdown restrictions are eased and people are more readily able to ask for help.

Six bids for funding were judged to have met the MoJ’s criteria and have been awarded funding as follows:

  • £35,030 – Family Intervention Counselling Service (domestic abuse services funding)
  • £58,919 – Refuge (domestic abuse services funding)
  • £48,000 – Insight Services (Formerly DACS) (domestic abuse services funding)
  • £11,359 – Parenting Project (domestic abuse services funding)
  • £28,930 – RoSA (sexual violence services funding)
  • £35,926 – Safeline (sexual violence services funding).

The funding is to cover the period from the beginning of lockdown on 24 March through to 31 October 2020.

Commissioned Services

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has also provided funding for a number of county-wide commissioned or co-commissioned services.

Commissioned Services 
Area Commissioned body Service funded Aim of service Value of commission
Countywide Refuge* Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) and IRIS To provide countywide IDVA and IRIS service for victims of domestic abuse. IRIS encourages confidential domestic abuse disclosures to victims GP. £125,000.00
Countywide NHS England Sexual Assualt Referral Centre (SARC) Paediatric Service Contribution towards  commissioning of the paediatric service. £29,717.00
Countywide Victim Support Victim Support Services To deliver support services for victims of crime by assisting victims of crime to cope and recover through practical and emotional support. £498,941.26
Countywide Barnardo’s Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Recovery Service To deliver direct interventions and training across key PCC and Warwickshire County Council priorities, including early identification/prevention, support for children, parents and carers. £158,562.00
Countywide Barnardo’s/RoSA Sexual Abuse and Violence (SAV) Recovery Service To deliver support services for victims of sexual abuse and violence.  Including Independent Sexual Violence Advisors/Therapeutic counselling and pre-trial therapy. £228,364.00
Countywide Change, Grow, Live Substance misuse support services (adults) To providing drug and alcohol interventions to those at higher risk within the Criminal Justice services. £146,143.28
Countywide Compass Substance misuse support services (children and young people) To providing drug and alcohol interventions to those at higher risk by raising young people’s awareness of the consequences of substance misuse and reducing the risk of them entering the Criminal Justice system £74,494.00
Total Commissioned: £1,261,221.54

* Co-commissioned with Warwickshire County Council

Needs Assessments

PCCs are responsible for commissioning support services to help victims cope and recover from the impact of crime.  Below are our needs assessments for various categories of service provision.

Victim Needs

A victim needs assessment was carried out by TONIC on behalf of the PCC to inform future commissioning.

Over 500 local residents affected by crime took part, along with responses from relevant partner agencies.

Warwickshire Victim Needs Assessement – Key Findings

Warwickshire Victim Needs Assessment Executive Summary

Substance Misuse

This needs assessment contributes to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for Warwickshire and is produced to inform commissioning for the re-tendering of the Substance misuse services. The needs assessment was produced by a group consisting of County Council public health specialists and commissioners as well as partners who have important roles to play in the identification and treatment of those in need.

Substance Misuse Needs Assessement Key Findings

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