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WA3291 – Crime rates, police performance and PDR records

Request Received: 5 May 2022

Responded: 6 June 2022 and 23 June 2022

Q1. Warwickshire Recorded Crime Rates for 2021/22
A1. The annual ‘Crime in England and Wales: Police Force Area data tables’ is published by the Office for National Statistics and contains the data for all Home Office crime categories. This official and verified data can be accessed at:

Q2. Warwickshire Police’s Detection rates against all crime types.
A. The first attached document provides the ‘Action Taken’ rates for the following crime categories, Total Recorded Crime / Violence Against the Person / Sexual Offences. It has been redacted by Warwickshire Police to remove reference to other forces’ data.

The second attachment provides the ‘Action Taken’ rates for Total Recorded Crime / Domestic Abuse.

Q3. Which Chief Officer has responsibility for overall Performance.
A3. The Chief Constable has ultimate responsibility for delivering an effective and efficient police service for Warwickshire. However, the chief officer lead for performance is the Deputy Chief Constable who chairs the force’s Performance Boards.

Q4. The percentage of officers and staff who had a fully completed PDR for the year 2021-22.
A. The second attachment provides the PDR completion rates for Warwickshire Police.