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WA04375 – Combatting knife crime & money spent on initiatives

Request Received: October 25, 2023

Responded: November 21, 2023

Q. What is the Police and Crime Commissioner currently doing to combat knife crime?
A: In recent years there has been a rise in levels of violence, including knife crime. The PCC supports Warwickshire Police in taking a zero-tolerance approach, with particular emphasis on knife crime. A strong partnership approach is required and the PCC has played an active part in the formulation of a county-wide violent crime strategy. This has resulted in a county-wide understanding of the problem and help direct co-ordinated action to reduce the levels of offending. This financial year the Police and Crime Commissioner has supported the knife angel statue being displayed in Nuneaton town centre, working alongside partners to ensure its safe arrival, promotion and opening and closing ceremony. Other programmes are Crimestoppers – fearless against knife crime project and Aspire in Arts – Knife crime to reduce youth violence and deliver positive youth activities.

Q: What has been spent (£) on these initiatives?  Please supply figures for the past five years (calendar or financial) — from 2018 to the present. 

A: Please see attached document for information relating to that of 2020- 2023. Unfortunately we cannot locate any information relating to 2018-19.

FOI Financial Breakdown