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Delivery Plan

A thematic delivery plan shows the progress being made against the objectives in the Police and Crime Plan for Warwickshire. It is updated on a rolling basis for each quarter of the year.

The delivery plan is designed to capture outputs – for example : 27 people attend a group to support them to reduce their alcohol intake –  and outcomes e.g. the changes that have happened  as a result of the activity. For example : of the 27 people who attended the group, 90% left drug and alcohol free or 5 out of 10 attendees reported increased knowledge.

It is divided into sections for each of the four objectives of the Police and Crime Plan, plus additional information on performance, assurance, accountability and transparency; consultation and engagement and updates from the projects and initiatives funded through the Commissioner’s Grants Scheme.  A glossary of terms is included on the first page of the delivery plan to aid understanding.

Delivery Plan 2016-2021 – Updated to Q3 2019-20

(Excel spreadsheet)