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Rural Crime

The effect of crime on rural communities can be immense, with cost of theft of livestock, farm machinery and plant equipment having a devastating impact on agricultural businesses. This can also lead to an increased feeling of vulnerability, something which cannot ever be overlooked.

Warwickshire is a largely rural county, with a large number of people living in smaller towns and villages, where farming and the countryside are focal points for the community and represent major parts of the local economy.

Rural crime can be anything from:

  • farm machinery, plant and vehicle theft
  • livestock offences
  • fuel theft
  • equine crime
  • fly tipping
  • poaching
  • heritage crime

Rural Crime Watch

Warwickshire Rural Watch has been set up to provide people living or working in rural parts of the county with free advice and up-to-date information on incidents in their area so they can take appropriate precautions against crime.

Warwickshire Rural Watch logo

The Rural Watch website also contains downloadable documents which residents can use to record their valuables. If the worst should happen and their valuables are stolen, the documents can be provided to the police to help with their investigations and hopefully return the items to their rightful owner.

Visit the Warwickshire Rural Watch website

Rural Crime Advisors

Funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and employed by Stratford-on-Avon District Council, the Rural Crime Advisors help address concerns raised by residents across South Warwickshire about crime in rural communities.

You can contact the Rural Crime Advisors if:

    • you are a victim of crime, or are concerned you may be at risk and would benefit from crime prevention advice
    • you would like to arrange a crime prevention talk to your community group or interest group
    • you would be interested in arranging a village crime prevention ‘property marking’ day, where property such as bicycles, lawn mowers, power tools etc. can be securely marked

Contact information

If you wish to contact the Rural Crime Advisors, please do so using the following emails:

These email addresses should not be used for reporting crime incidents or to contact Warwickshire Police’s Rural Crime Team – please visit the Warwickshire Police website or dial 101.  In an emergency, always dial 999.