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Easy Read Guides

A man with an easy read guideAn easy read is an accessible format for everyone.  Easy reads can be particularly helpful for those who may find reading English difficult, have a cognitive impairment, find things overwhelming, struggle to remember things or have a learning difficulty.

Our easy read documents help to make sure crime prevention and security advice is available to everyone.

They have been produced for us by local resident Christopher Langman. In 2019 Chris was highly commended in the Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Policing and Community Safety.  This was for his work to help people with learning difficulties understand how to access key services and also how to stay safe.

You can download the leaflets in PDF format below (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them).

General advice

Anti-social behaviour

A young woman with a banner across her mouth with symbols for a swear wordAnti-Social Behaviour is behaviour that affects one or more other people. This can be scary, hurtful or upsetting to others.

Countryside crime

A field of wheatCountryside Crime is sometimes called Rural Crime. A burglar or criminal may find houses, buildings or equipment that are not close together easier to attack.

Home security

A padlock on a gateHome security is when we keep our home safe.

Unwanted mail, calls and email

Symbols showing a letter, a phone and and emailUnwanted mail, calls & emails may also be called junk, spam or unsolicited correspondence.

Unwanted mail, calls and email – support for online processes

Symbols showing a globe, letter, a phone and and emailServices that can help stop unwanted mail, calls & emails.

Unwanted mail, calls and email – easy read forms

Symbols showing a form, letter, a phone and and emailEasy read forms for services that can help stop unwanted mail, calls & emails.

Vehicle crime

A key in a car doorVehicle Crime can affect any vehicle at home or at work.

Crimes that affect you personally

Hate crime

An angry face is held up on a bannerThis is a crime against someone because of who they are.

Hate crime myths

A stick man cartoon looking confused“Myths” are things that people believe or think are true, but that may not be correct.

Mate crime

Cartoon of three people standing in a line smilingA mate crime is a type of hate crime, done by someone you know and thought was a friend.

Abuse and exploitation

Exploitation and grooming

A young woman looks frightened and holds her hands over her mouthExploitation is when someone tricks you into doing a task for them. Grooming is when someone prepares you to do an unsafe or illegal task for them.

Signs of exploitation and grooming

Picture of alcohol, pills and a presentSigns that a person could be being exploited or groomed.

Domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse is when you are hurt or threatened to be hurt by someone in your family, a partner, a carer or someone who lives in your home.

Fraud and cyber crime

Being safe online

A computer screen, tablet and mobile phoneIt is important to keep your data and personal information safe when you go online.

Think before you log in

A laptop computer showing a banking website loginRead this document before you sign up for online accounts, buy things online or start using online banking.


A login screen and a mobile phonePasswords are very important. This guide will tell you how to keep your password safe.

Identity theft

A tablet computer with the word information on screenIdentity theft is when someone pretends to be you. This can be in the physical world or online.

Advice at Christmas

Xmas Reminder – Burglary

A hand trying a door handleTake some precautions to protect your property and valuables this Christmas.

Xmas Reminder – Alcohol

Glasses of alcoholWhen you go out for an evening this Christmas, manage your behaviour and come home safe.

Safe Places

Warwickshire County Council maintains a map and listing of all Safe Places locations across Warwickshire.

Find a Safe Place