Police and Crime Plan

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe has unveiled his Police and Crime Plan.

The plan, which aims to create a safer, more secure Warwickshire, sets out the Commissioner’s aims for his term of office and shows how he will work with Warwickshire Police, partner agencies and the public to improve crime and community safety.

The document identifies the Commissioner’s four key objectives:

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“No one asks to become a victim of crime and it is therefore vital that they receive the right level of service and support when they do. As Commissioner I also recognise that some people see themselves as victims, others as survivors of crime, be they individuals or businesses. I will put them at the heart of the criminal justice system and make them the central focus for Warwickshire Police and partner agencies at all stages, to assist victims and survivors of crime to cope, recover and achieve justice.”

Ensuring efficient and effective policing





“Residents and businesses have made it repeatedly clear to me that they want to feel the police are a visible part of their community. A key part of my police and crime plan is a commitment to increasing the numbers of police officers, special constables, and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). Warwickshire Police is however one workforce and it is important to recognise that none of the work of our frontline staff would be possible without the support of police staff, who may appear less obviously visible to the public but are nonetheless vital to an effective and efficient service.”

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Protecting people from harm and keeping communities safe is the essence of policing and community safety in Warwickshire. I want our communities and neighbourhoods to be safe and feel safe. It is important to recognise that some individuals and communities are more vulnerable than others and for this reason the Chief Constable has set a long term aspiration for the force which is ‘to be great at protecting the most vulnerable’, an aspiration I strongly support.

Preventing and reducing crime





“Crime and anti-social behaviour incidents can have a significant impact on people’s lives. Tackling and preventing the underlying issues will in the long term reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and in turn reduce the number of victims and offenders we have in the county. The Criminal Justice System needs to have a clear emphasis on reducing crime, and I will ensure that agencies focus on the areas of preventing offending and reoffending alongside reducing harm and risk to the public.”

Each objective sets specific and measurable aims for achievement and has been designed to take account of the feedback from the extensive eight-week public consultation that took place earlier this summer.

Police and Crime Plan cover

The Warwickshire Police and Crime Plan 2016-2021 (click to open)

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe said: “In creating my first Police and Crime Plan for Warwickshire I have listened carefully to the views of the public and victims of crime, talked widely with officers and staff at Warwickshire Police and had many discussions with our key partners and groups within the third and voluntary sector.

“The nature of crime is changing and the way our communities are policed needs to reflect that, while also recognising that the public rightly expects strong and visible community-based policing as its bedrock. This plan will strengthen policing across Warwickshire and build on the strong foundations which already exist.

“I want to ensure that the numbers of police officers, special constables and PCSOs can be increased over the levels we see today, through improvements in efficiency and better use of technology to deliver a service which maximises the resources that are available to it and can meet the challenges of the future head-on.

“Overall, I want to ensure that Warwickshire Police delivers the right service, at the right time to protect communities and provide a safer, more secure Warwickshire. While challenging, the plan is achievable and I look forward to working with Chief Constable Martin Jelley and our key partners to make this a reality.”

You can read the plan here (PDF file – requires Adobe Reader to view) or click the image to the right.

If you require the document in an alternative format, please contact us to discuss.


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