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Community Speedwatch relaunches in Warwickshire

August 20, 2020

A road sign saying 'please drive slowly'

Warwickshire Police’s Community Speedwatch scheme is relaunching this week from Monday 17 August 2020 as part of a phased reintroduction in the county.

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a national initiative where active members of local communities join together to monitor speeds of vehicles in their local area with support from the police. In Warwickshire each group uses the LTI Speed Lasers independently purchased by either the group itself or the local parish council.

Any vehicles found to be exceeding the speed limit are referred to Warwickshire Police and receive a letter with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds. However, in cases where education is ignored and there is evidence of repeat or excessive offences, even across county borders, enforcement and prosecution follow.

Inspector Sally Bunyard-Spiers said: “Speeding continues to be a concern for many communities in both rural and urban environments and we are delighted that we are able to start a phased reintroduction of the Community Speedwatch Scheme in Warwickshire.

“Warwickshire Police is very grateful to all the CSW volunteers who use their own time to help make Warwickshire’s roads safer for everyone, often enthusiastically supporting national anti speeding campaigns.”

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe said: “I would encourage anyone who is concerned about speeding in their community to consider signing up as a Community Speedwatch volunteer. As well as helping Warwickshire Police and partners to raise awareness of speeding, the visible presence of CSW helps to reduce the speed of vehicles to the speed limit, improving the quality of life for local communities and most importantly helping to reduce death and injury on our roads. This is something I am keen to support.”

Warwickshire Police is keen to support and develop further CSW groups and as soon as COVID restrictions allow we hope to be able to progress the training of newly formed CSW groups.

Volunteers receive appropriate training, and are supported by officers and staff including a new soon to be appointed Road Safety Officer who will oversee the CSW groups.

The aim of CSW is to make our roads safer, and to ensure no CSW members or the public are put at risk, a full risk assessment is carried out for each group.

If you are interested in forming a CSW group in your area, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood team. The details of your local SNT can be found by visiting and entering your location.

For more information about CSW please visit