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Public Consultations

A hand fills in a surveyPolice and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe is committed to listening and engaging with the public to understand their concerns and issues and ensure that Warwickshire Police is meeting their needs. As part of his engagement strategy, the Commissioner undertakes a number of consultations each year to take soundings from the public on a variety of topics. Consultations are also carried out in line with statutory obligations. Details of public consultations undertaken by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) can be found below.

Current consultations

Public Priorities Survey

Residents across Warwickshire are being encouraged to join in the conversation about the future direction of policing and criminal justice by taking part in survey organised by the county’s police force and Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe.

Opinions are now being sought online as part of a wider public consultation, which has already seen more than 700 people surveyed by telephone or through face-to-face sessions.

It comes as Warwickshire Police builds its new operating model with many more services now being delivered by staff based within the county, following the decision by West Mercia Police to end the strategic alliance the two forces had previously shared.

As the exciting transformation programme – known as ‘Evolve’ – continues to roll out, police leaders want further public feedback to ensure that they fully understand local concerns on crime, policing and community safety.

Feedback will also help to inform the next Police and Crime Plan for the county, to ensure that the future strategic priorities set for the force match with public expectations for the police and wider criminal justice agencies.

Launch the survey

Previous consultations

Police Precept Consultation 2020/21 (December 2019-January 2020)

Have your say today bannerWarwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe  launched his annual consultation on the policing budget, asking the public for their feedback on how best to meet the challenges facing police in the county.

Local residents and businesses were asked to consider whether they would support an increase in the policing element of Council Tax in order to safeguard previous investments in extra police officers and fund the much-needed infrastructure improvements which would help them deliver a better service to the public.

The consultation closed on Friday January 17, 2020.

Precept Consultation 2020-21 Report

Warwickshire Cyber Crime Survey 2019 (September 2019)

Warwickshire County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe and Warwickshire Police launched a new survey to assess the impact that online crime is having around the county.

It’s the third time that residents and businesses across Warwickshire have been surveyed in this way, covering issues relating to both cyber security (including viruses, frauds and hacking); and social media issues (such as hate speech, stalking and revenge porn).

Results will be published in 2020.

Police Precept Consultation 2019/20 (December 2018/January 2019)Police Precept 2019/2020

The Commissioner undertook a survey to consult the public on options to increase the police precept (the portion of Council Tax which pays for policing) in order  to fund up to 100 extra police officers, PCSOs and police staff crime investigators.

A full report was presented to the Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel on February 4.

Precept Consultation 2019-20 Report

Survey of victims and survivors in Warwickshire (January/February 2018)

This survey was undertaken by TONIC, an independent social research organisation, on behalf of the Warwickshire PCC and asked for the views of victims of crime in Warwickshire.  The responses will be used to help shape future support services in the local area as the OPCC begins the process of commissioning services for victim support provision. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Warwickshire Victim Needs Assessement – Key Findings

Warwickshire Victim Needs Assessment Executive Summary

Police Precept Consultation 2018/19 (December 2017/January 2018)

A consultation took place to give the public a say on proposals to boost funding for policing in Warwickshire through an increase in the police’s share of council tax in 2018/19.

Precept Consultation 2017-18 Report

Police Precept Consultation 2017/18 (January 2017)

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe proposed a freeze on the amount people pay for policing out of their Council Tax – otherwise known as the Police Precept – for 2017/18. The proposal would see the Police Precept frozen at the same level as 2016/17 for all Council Tax bands. The Commissioner asked the public for their feedback on his proposal and a simple online poll was launched for residents to indicate whether they supported or opposed the proposed freeze. The poll ran during January 2017 and the results published to the Police and Crime Panel as part of the budget setting process.

Budget Consultation 2017/18 Summary Report

Regional Cyber Crime Survey (October 2016-December 2016)

A regional cyber crime survey was coordinated by the Warwickshire Insight Service and asked people to share their experiences of online crime through a series of questions. This  survey sought to examine how the picture has changed across Warwickshire over the past 12 months and whether residents are more aware of the dangers that can be posed online and the things that they are able to do to minimise these risks. The survey also ran across West Mercia, West Midlands and Staffordshire policing areas which will allow us to assess the scale of the problem across a wider region. The key findings from the survey suggested that:

  • At least £8.8 million has been lost by Warwickshire adults as a result of cyber crime.
  • There have been nearly 15,000 successful phishing scams in the last 12 months.
  • 9,900 residents have been victim of identity fraud.
  • 30,000 have fallen victim to a virus or malware based attack.
  • There have been over 6,000 online hate crimes.
  • 5,500 have been a victim of an online romance scam.
  • 12% of residents are not confident that they know how to protect themselves online.
  • 59% feel at risk online.

The full results were presented in June 2017.

Warwickshire Cyber Crime Survey 2017 Headline Analysis

Draft Police and Crime Plan (September-October 2016)

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe unveiled his draft Police and Crime Plan for consultation with communities and partners across the county. Feedback was received from a range of partners and the plan was updated accordingly. The finalised plan was presented to the Police and Crime Panel in December 2016. Find more details about the completed plan.

Police and Crime Plan Consultation (July-August 2016)

The law requires all Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) to produce a Police and Crime Plan within the first financial year of their election. The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 also requires that, prior to a Police and Crime Plan being finalised, PCCs should ‘obtain the views of the people in that police area and the views of the victims of crime in that area’ in order to inform the scope and contents of the plan.  Between July and August 2016, the OPCC ran a public consultation to understand the views of people living and working in Warwickshire on crime and community safety.

The results from the survey were used to inform the content of the Draft Police and Crime Plan and the results of the consultation were presented to the Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel in September 2016.

Police and Crime Plan Consultation Report

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