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Commitment to boost frontline policing delivered as officer recruitment begins

June 18, 2018
Student officers PC Mohammed Mazhar, PC Sophie Reading and PC Tom Poole encouraging others to join them in a career with Warwickshire Police.

Student officers PC Mohammed Mazhar, PC Sophie Reading and PC Tom Poole encouraging others to join them in a career with Warwickshire Police.

A new campaign to recruit new officers for Warwickshire Police is delivering on Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe’s promise to spend the whole of this year’s police precept increase on frontline posts across the county.

The recruitment drive launches today (Monday 18 June), in support of Mr Seccombe’s ambitious programme to ensure efficient and effective policing. As well as new student officers, applications are also being sought from transferee officers from across the country, who may be keen to enjoy all of the benefits of living and working in Warwickshire.

Diverse applications are being encouraged to reflect the communities Warwickshire Police serves and protects.

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe said: “I gave my commitment earlier this year that the additional funds I was able to raise through the Council Tax for policing would go directly on police officer posts here in Warwickshire. This recruitment drive is the latest demonstration of that promise being put into action and I am hopeful that the strong interest that has already been shown in joining Warwickshire Police is repeated.

He added: “It’s hugely important to the public that our police are visible and accessible in our communities and I have made sure the force has the resources it needs to boost officer numbers and ensure that the new recruits are placed where the demand for services is needed most.”

The new recruitment campaign supplements a tranche of new student officers who are already undergoing their training, ready to hit the streets of the county later this year.

PC Tom Poole, who started his training four weeks ago said: “When I was six years old, it struck a nerve seeing first-hand what the effects of crime had on my close friends and family and I wanted to do something about it. From then, I couldn’t remember the time where I didn’t want to be a police officer.

“Despite waiting to get in, it has been completely worth it and I honestly feel I am at my best, helping the public and helping to keep the peace.”

PC Mohammed Mazhar says that he “joined the police force because I want to serve people from different communities, different cultures and different backgrounds” while PC Sophie Reading added: “I want to be able to help and protect people during the most difficult times of their life. Every day is different and I want to do a job I love and want to get out of bed in the morning for.”

As an older recruit, PC Tracey Simpson said that she had wanted a change of career after 15 years in business. “I decided I wanted to do a job that was meaningful and one that made me feel proud to go to work,” she said. “I started looking at joining the police and have specifically wanted to be part of Warwickshire Police.

“I am loving the training and cannot wait to get out there and work within the community! I am an older recruit at 38 but age should never stop anyone from thinking about changing their career. If you want something badly enough, you will make it work.”

If you are interested in applying to become a police officer visit the Warwickshire Police website at: