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Commissioner responds to latest crime statistics

July 21, 2017

The number of crime offences recorded annually by the police in Warwickshire increased by 19% in Warwickshire, according to the latest figures to March 31, 2017 released by the Office for National Statistics. Nationally, crime has increased on average across all forces by 10%, with each force across the West Midlands region seeing double digit rises.  However, the separate Crime Survey for England and Wales, which is based on people’s experiences of crime, has shown a 7% reduction.

Responding to the figures, Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe said:  “These latest figures do give an indication of the pressures police forces are currently experiencing but, while rises in recorded crime are a cause for concern, viewing crime figures in isolation does not necessarily give a clear picture of what is being experienced in communities.

“Some of the crime categories which have seen the largest increases have been those where additional police focus has been given – for example, child sexual exploitation offences have increased by almost 50 percent in 12 months, reflecting the additional resources that have been made in tackling this type of crime. In these cases, increases in recorded offences are positive as we know that this has been a type of crime that has been under-reported in the past.

“Clearly there are other categories of crime where increases are more concerning, particularly offences of violent crime, and I am continuing to press for improvements. I want to ensure that Warwickshire Police has a good understanding of the underlying causes and continues to focus on tackling effectively those crimes which cause the greatest harm.

“It is also important to remember that, despite the pressures the force faces, victim satisfaction levels have remained high, as has public confidence in Warwickshire Police, which also remains above the national average.  I want to ensure that this is always the case whenever a crime is reported to the police and I will continue to monitor this closely.”