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Email to Ben Twomey 10.03.2021

Dear Ben

Further to my previous email, we have now finalised the date of the Candidate Briefing for PCC Candidates.  It will take place on 14 April, and you will receive information on the election process and also about the PCC role and Warwickshire Police.  The agenda is now being finalised and I will send it soon, but it is likely to be a long morning – approximately 9am – 2pm.  Please let me know if you are able to attend? I would also welcome any specific questions you know you wish to ask in advance, so I can ensure we have prepared responses.

In addition to this I want to update you on the recruitment process for the Chief Constable. You are aware that the current Chief Constable is due to retire on 30 June. It is the PCC’s responsibility to appoint the Chief Constable and we are making plans to do so without delay, but taking into account the election, as previously confirmed.  It is our intention to open the role to recruitment next week, before the pre-election period starts, with applications closing just after the election itself.  We have then designed a robust process with stakeholder panels and an interview panel, following the guidance issued by the College of Policing.  The main part of the process and the decision will be made by the PCC elected in May.  Of course, if you are elected we will have early discussions in May to ensure you are content with the proposals devised.  I will let you know once the advertisement is live.

I hope you are keeping well, 

Polly Reed

Chief Executive

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