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Covid-19 Recovery Fund

1. Introduction

Covid-19 Recovery Fun logoThe Covid-19 pandemic has proven an unprecedented challenge for much of the world, and Warwickshire no less than anywhere else.  Untold pressures have been brought to bear on individuals, families, organisations and key service providers, and the longer term impact of these is yet to manifest.

The Police and Crime Commissioner is concerned about the difficulties experienced by Warwickshire’s residents and the county’s service providers and has decided to make additional grant funding available for the purposes of recovery in the coming months.  The Covid-19 Recovery Fund aims to help organisations respond to, survive, and recover from the impact of Covid-19.

2. Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from community, voluntary, third sector, private and statutory organisations that deliver projects or services at a countywide level or local level within Warwickshire (North Warwickshire, Rugby Borough, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough, Warwick District and Stratford District).  All projects must be not-for-profit.

Organisations are able to submit one bid each and applications are limited to £5, 000 for most applicants.  Organisations seeking amounts under £1, 000 can submit a donation request instead – this is a much simpler application form for ease due to the lower value of awards in this category.  There is no lower limit to funding requests.

Projects funded under this scheme must be completed, or the money awarded spent, by the end of March 2021.  Any unspent funding must be promptly returned to the OPCC.

There is usually a requirement that all applicant organisations:-

  1. are constituted as a legal entity or operate under a formal constitution (equivalent in form to the Charity Commission model constitution);
  2. have at least 3 years of audited accounts;
  3. are able to provide the last year’s audited accounts;
  4. provide appropriate policies and practices as detailed in Section 6 of the application form.

For established organisations able to comply with the above requirements, the maximum figure for application is £5, 000.

However we recognise that some community and voluntary organisations have evolved to support local communities and vulnerable groups very recently, particularly in response to Covid19.  For organisations to which this applies, the Commissioner is willing to accept applications for a donation of up to £1, 000.  In these cases adherence to points i-iv is requested where possible but not essential.  You will need to fill in the donation request form.

Note: All applicants must be able to provide bank account details in the name of the organisation.  We will not pay money into a personal account.

The PCC encourages collaborative approaches to applications and encourages multi-agency bids, but this is not essential.

3. What are the criteria for application?

Organisations are eligible to apply for funding if one or more of the following applies:

  • They have experienced an increase in demand for pre-existing projects and services as a direct result of the pandemic
  • A service has been commenced by them to support communities or vulnerable groups as a direct result of Covid-19
  • The organisation has demonstrably lost funding as a direct result of the pandemic
  • Additional costs have been incurred as a result of adapting to working from home or social distancing guidelines.

Projects funded by this grant scheme must operate as a result of one of the above; funding must not be used to support the commencement of projects or expansion of business as usual which is not as a result of Covid-19.

The PCC funds projects that will deliver “A safer, more secure Warwickshire”.  All applicants need to detail and provide evidence as to how their projects will address at least one of the four main priorities of the Warwickshire Police and Crime Plan:-

    1. Put Victims and Survivors (of crime) First;
    2. Ensure Efficient and Effective Policing;
    3. Protect People From Harm;
    4. Prevent and Reduce Crime.

Every application must demonstrably support at least one of these four priorities.

Further information in regards to the Warwickshire Police and Crime Plan can be accessed through our website. www.warwickshire-pcc.gov.uk/key-information/police-and-crime-plan/

For all applications, we are interested in hearing about how you have considered catering for the needs of those with protected characteristics, particularly those with multiple protected characteristics, through your service.

4. Advice for Applicants

The application form should be self-explanatory but please ensure you fill in each of the sections in order that you:

  • Provide requested information about the organisation;
  • Describe the project or activity and who the beneficiaries will be;
  • Demonstrate clearly how their project will contribute to the Police and Crime Plan’s outcomes and priorities;
  • Clearly demonstrate and evidence the need for their project or activity;
  • Provide clear understanding of what differences the project or activity will make and how this will be measured and reported. All successful applicants will be required to provide up to quarterly grant updates detailing the outcomes, outputs and impacts of their project or activity;
  • Where relevant, explain the longer term strategy for providing this project. The PCC grants scheme is time limited and successful applicants should be able to demonstrate to the Commissioner their longer term vision on sustainability, mainstreaming or funding opportunities if projects will continue beyond the funding period;
  • Provide a clear breakdown of project costs. This should include match funding and volunteer time;
  • Detail any other Covid-19 funding you have been awarded so far.

Providing clear evidence for the need for the project and how it supports the priorities in the Police and Crime Plan is strongly advised.

It is important that there is a clear intention to monitor outcomes and a demonstrable understanding in all grant applications of how these outcomes will be effectively monitored throughout the life of the project.  This is so that the true impact of a project can be illustrated to the OPCC and to the public.

Your need for funding must be to demonstrably respond to or organisationally survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

5. Is there anything the PCC will not fund?

Any funding offered from this scheme will be made on a one-off basis, for a specified purpose, and will not be renewed, increased or extended beyond the offer’s terms and conditions. Applicants should therefore have arrangements for dealing with the ending of any funding stream offered by this scheme.

The PCC will not fund:-

  • Projects not in response to or impacted by Covid-19;
  • Projects which, though beneficial, do not directly contribute to achieving the aims of the Police and Crime Plan;
  • Profit-making projects;
  • Contributions towards major refurbishment, building or maintenance work;
  • In the case of the Road Safety awards, contributions towards roads engineering or roadside furniture (including speed cameras);
  • A contribution to an organisation’s running costs for an unspecified purpose;
  • Projects that promote religious or party political beliefs;
  • Projects or activities that have taken place prior to the 1st April 2020;
  • Prizes;
  • Loan or debt repayments.

Please note that the PCC, at his discretion, may choose not to fund a project that is politically-sensitive or contains politically-sensitive elements.

6. How will the applications be assessed?

Each bid will be assessed using an evaluation process and scoring system. Weighting of scores will be allocated on the following proportions:-

  • 80% of the score will be awarded against the quality of the project, the difference it will make, how it will address the priorities of the Police and Crime Plan, and the applicants’ ability to evidence the outcomes;
  • 20% of the score will be awarded against Value for Money. This will include the actual cost of the project and the added value of the project, including the organisation’s understanding and evidencing of the project’s wider social impacts and social values.

An evaluation panel will meet to review scores allocated to each application.  The PCC makes all final decisions on grant allocations.

Please note that the PCC, at his discretion, may opt not to allocate all available funding through the schedules grant schemes if submitted bids fall below a quality standard.  Unallocated funding may be allocated at a later date.

7. How to apply?

In order to apply, applicants should:-

  • Read the specific criteria and guidance for this scheme;
  • Complete the relevant application form electronically;
  • Submit the application and all required documents electronically by 6PM on the 24th July 2020;
  • Submit the application to grants@warwickshire.pnn.police.uk with ‘PCC Covid19 Recovery Grant Application 2020’ in the subject line;
  • Await an outcome by Friday 7th August 2020.  Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email at the time of application but may receive no further communication until this date.

For further information and advice about the grant scheme, please contact the Grants Lead, Abby Simkin, at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Please note the deadline for submitting applications and supporting documents to any of the grant schemes is 6PM on the 24th July 2020.

Please email completed applications and supporting documents to grants@warwickshire.pnn.police.uk

Documents for downloading

Please read the guidance notes above carefully.  They are also available for download and printing here:

PCC Covid-19 Recovery Grant Guidance Notes 2020-21 PDF document (Adobe Reader required)

They will help you decide whether or not you can apply to the Covid19 Recovery Grant Scheme and provide you with information on how to complete the application form.

Applications forms

Covid-19 Recovery Grant Application Form (Open Document format)

Covid-19 Recovery Donation Request Form (Open Document format)

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