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Protecting People from Harm


In recent years, locally and nationally, we have seen an increase in both the volume and complexity of crimes being bought to the attention of the police and other safeguarding agencies. The increased awareness around child sexual exploitation is typical of this change.  A large percentage of crime is hidden from public view but is also responsible for causing the greatest harm. These types of crime are identified within the Warwickshire Police Strategic Assessment and require many agencies to work together to support victims and ensure their safety, health and well-being.

Mental health, disability and other factors including drug and alcohol addiction or being in local authority care can make someone more vulnerable to criminal behaviour, either as perpetrator or a victim. I want to make sure that the police, local authorities and health and support providers are able to jointly address these underlying problems and ensure that all agencies are properly fulfilling their respective responsibilities.

Protecting people from harm and keeping communities safe is the essence of policing and community safety in Warwickshire. I want our communities and neighbourhoods to be safe and feel safe. It is important to recognise that some individuals and communities are more vulnerable than others and for this reason the Chief Constable has set a long term aspiration for the force which is ‘to be great at protecting the most vulnerable’, an aspiration I strongly support.

— Warwickshire PCC Philip Seccombe

My approach will be to:-

  • Ensure services dealing with domestic abuse and sexual violence are a priority and funded appropriately.
  • Give credence to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) inspection findings.
  • Work with the force and partner agencies to ensure that vulnerable children and adults are safeguarded via the Warwickshire Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub.
  • Encourage victims to report offences to the police, in particular in relation to high harm ‘hidden’ crimes and ensure victims have access to support.
  • Continue to support and influence the Violence against Women and Girls county strategy.
  • Support the countywide Hate Crime strategy and ensure the action plan continues to develop to meet the changing landscape following the vote to leave the European Union.
  • Support and influence the Warwickshire Safer Roads Partnership in leading multi-agency activity to improve road safety for all road users in Warwickshire, particularly through evidence-led approaches to enforcement, education and road engineering.
  • Oversee, influence and organise the Warwickshire Serious and Organised Crime Joint Action Group (SOCJAG).
  • Actively contribute to the strong local partnerships that deliver our shared outcomes.
  • Continue to develop awareness and understanding of people suffering mental health difficulties and the subsequent impact on policing and the wider criminal justice arena.
  • Work with my counterparts in the West Midlands region to ensure there are robust governance arrangements surrounding the existing regional collaboration agreements which help to deliver the Strategic Policing Requirement (SPR).
  • Continue to support the Warwickshire partnership Prevent action plan.

As a result of this plan I aim to:-

  • Make Warwickshire Police great at protecting the most vulnerable from harm.
  • Have Warwickshire Police rated by HMICFRS as ‘good’ (as a minimum) in its PEEL Effectiveness (Vulnerability) inspections.  The force will be able to sustain or continue to improve this rating.
  • Ensure vulnerable children and adults are safeguarded.
  • Encourage increased reporting of offences which cause the greatest harm, such as rape, serious sexual offences, hate crime, child sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation and domestic abuse.
  • See improved satisfaction amongst victims and survivors.
  • See increased reporting of hate crime incidents and improved satisfaction among victims in the way their report is dealt with.
  • Make our roads safer, with fewer people killed or seriously injured in collisions.
  • Reduce the threat score of each serious and organised crime group managed through the SOCJAG process.
  • Influence partners to ensure they can evidence how their activities impact on reducing crime and disorder.
  • Provide a better service for those with mental health conditions at their first contact with the police.
  • Meet the Strategic Policing Requirements (SPR) and strengthen the regional governance arrangements.
  • Have a strong and coordinated community and partnership Prevent action plan
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