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Complaint Reviews

Since 1 February 2020 the Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for undertaking reviews of complaints against the Warwickshire Police.  If you have had a complaint investigated by Warwickshire Police, and you are not satisfied with the outcome of this, you can request a review. You will know who should carry out your review based on the information on your investigation outcome letter.

If we are your review body you must request the review within 28 days of receiving that letter.  You will need to fill in this review form, or you can contact us by email to share it with us.  Once received your review will be assessed and allocated to an Assurance and Scrutiny Officer for action.    We aim to carry out all reviews fairly and consistently, but we will consider all aspects of your specific case in the review. Whilst we cannot re-investigate your complaint, we will review the documents related to your case and in some circumstances we may contact you to discuss particular details in support of your application.  

 The review process places the emphasis on whether the outcome of a complaint is reasonable and proportionate based on the nature and seriousness of the complaint.  There are three possible results of the review, which are: 

  • Where we find the outcome of the complaint is not reasonable and proportionate, the review will be upheld.   
  • Where we find the outcome of your complaint is found to be reasonable and proportionate, the review will not be upheld. 
  • Whilst the outcome of your complaint is found to be reasonable and proportionate, some learning has been identified, either for the individual officer(s) or by the policing organisation. 

 Where recommendations are made as a result of the review, the police must consider any such recommendations and respond to me within 28 days stating; 

  • Whether they accept the recommendation. 
  • If they do, the steps they propose to take to implement the recommendation. 
  • If they do not, the reasons why this is the case. 

We will provide you with the details of the response we receive from the police.  The expectation is that any resultant recommendations will be complied with unless there is a justifiable reason as to why this will not be the case.  

We aim to complete your review as soon as we can although due to the volume of review applications we receive, we are not always able to respond as quickly as we would wish.  However, we will endeavour to write to you within 6 weeks notifying you of the outcome.  If you have not heard from us within that time, please feel free to contact us again, and we will provide you with an update as to the progress of your review application.