Warwickshire Police


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Warwickshire Police have been operating a new policing model since May 9 2011 in order to continue delivering the maximum possible protection to local communities within the resources the force has available. Warwickshire police delivers local policing, patrol and response and investigation through county-wide teams.

At a community level, policing continues to be provided by the existing 33 Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs). But the structure and the role of the SNTs has seen significant change with the local police teams no longer having responsibility to undertake criminal investigations, although they still investigate local issues such as anti-social behaviour.

The SNTs comprise of a police constable, who takes the role of Beat Manager, supported by a mix of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), Special Constables and volunteers. They use their collective powers and skills to deal with community priorities and concerns, through community engagement and effective problem solving.